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At GLI, we believe in creating solutions for patients at every stage of their care pathway. With the many advances in the field of NASH, whether it is access, clinical trial design, or drug pricing, we must be at the forefront of change in order to ensure patient voices and priorities are heard and incorporated.

The NAFLD/NASH Patient Perspective at Global NASH Congress


GLI’s VP of Liver Health Programs, Jeff McIntyre, presented the closing keynote session at the 6th Annual Global NASH Congress. McIntyre discussed the NAFLD/NASH patient journey and the importance of patient empowerment and inclusion in the field – including clinical trial development, protocol review, at-risk strategies, and the regulatory process.

Using GLI’s Global State of Liver Health report as an example, this presentation moved NASH from a niche to a global concern. It is vital that patients and medical professionals work together in order to develop solutions for each stage of the patient journey.

Intercept Announces FDA Advisory Committee Meeting Date for Obeticholic Acid as a Treatment for Pre-Cirrhotic Liver Fibrosis Due to NASH

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The FDA announced that it will convene a one-day Advisory Committee meeting on May 19 to discuss Intercept Pharmaceuticals’s recently submitted therapy obeticholic acid (OCA) in NASH-related pre-cirrhotic liver fibrosis. The agency previously accepted Intercept’s application with a targeted decision date of June 22. Read more here.

Digital Lifestyle Intervention Tools May Help Patients with NAFLD

According to a new review, digital therapeutics could benefit patients with NAFLD. Digital therapeutics can glean insights into personalized treatment plans through the use of wearable devices, smart apps, and other measurement tools. “We’re seeing a revolution in lifestyle interventions to treat obesity, metabolic syndrome, and NAFLD. It’s important to understand the capabilities of these devices, but I’m optimistic that we’re getting to a point where we may be able to manage patients through a digital platform and virtual visits.” said Dr. Naim Alkhouri, Director of the Fatty Liver Program at Arizona Liver Health, a GLI Liver Action Network member.

Surfing the NASH Tsunami

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GLI’s VP of Liver Health Programs, Jeff McIntyre, has been a recurring guest on many episodes of Surfing the NASH Tsunami podcast, hosted by Roger Green. Tune in to this month’s episodes to hear about the patient perspective on upcoming changes and how they will affect the NASH/NAFLD patient community. Learn about many topics from assessing the value and pricing of new medications to understanding how ICER’s draft report will affect all stakeholders

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