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Fatty Liver Disease Resources

US NASH Action Plan

GLI and the GLI NASH Council released the U.S. NASH Action Plan to comprehensively address NASH and its impact on patients and families, public health, and the economy.

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The Language of NASH: A Narrative Guide to Communication on NASH

To increase awareness of fatty liver disease, we all need to speak the same language. This framework for communication about NAFLD and NASH will help physicians, patients, caregivers, families, and advocates use the same wording to send a clear message: it’s time to increase awareness, diagnosis and treatment options for NASH.


U.S. NASH Action Plan 2021 Scorecard

This year-end scorecard lists the accomplishments achieved according to the detailed agenda in the U.S. NASH Action Plan for each relevant stakeholder group — patients/carepartners, clinicians, medical societies, patient advocacy organizations, industry, payors, health systems, regulators, and policymakers. While gaps and challenges remain, tracking and acknowledging NASH successes according to the U.S. NASH Action Plan is pivotal for the field to respond on a national scale in 2022 and beyond.
Nash Action Plan

NASH Core Curriculum: A Comprehensive Online Resource Center

GLI, in collaboration with Clinical Care Options, has launched an online resource center to improve clinician understanding of foundational concepts in NASH diagnosis, management, and emerging pharmacologic treatment strategies. The resources will be added throughout the first half of 2021 and are being developed primarily for clinicians, including advanced practice clinicians, in hepatology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, and primary care. The full curriculum will include CME/CE-certified video modules, ClinicalThought™ expert commentaries, and downloadable presentations and resources.
Care Options

Personalized Nutrition App

Eating for liver health is easy with the Global Liver Institute-NutriStyle Inc. personalized nutrition app.
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NAFLD/NASH: Have You Been Diagnosed?

A guide for those living with a NASH or NAFLD diagnosis.

Nafld Or Nash


Information about NASH and NAFLD, and tips for maintaining your liver health.

Am I At Risk

Pediatric NAFLD/NASH

NASH and NAFLD occur in children as well. Find out more about the signs, diagnosis, and treatment.
Pediatric Nafld

A Guide to Participating in Clinical Trials for Patients with NAFLD/NASH

Comprehensive answers to your questions about clinical trials for NAFLD/NASH patients and caregivers – What they are, why they are important, questions to ask, and where to find them.
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NASH: Connecting the dots with patients in mind

“Connecting patients to their sense of self‐efficacy and their communities is essential to defeating NASH,” shares Donna Cryer, president and CEO of GLI. Read more about the connections that patients, primary care providers, specialists, policymakers, and advocacy organizations around the world can make to address the epidemic of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis in an October 2020 editorial by Cryer published in the journal, Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism.

NAFLD & NASH in the Hispanic Population

NAFLD and NASH have a greater prevalence in the Hispanic population. This infographic describes the genetic and environmental factors putting Hispanics in the U.S. at high risk for fatty liver disease.

Tandem Crises: Liver Disease and Opioids

Due to the horrific toll it is taking on lives, communities and our healthcare system, the opioid crisis is a great and immediate healthcare emergency. This infographic describes the relationship between the abuse of opioid medications and liver disease.
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The NASH Education Program - A GENFIT Initiative

This program raises awareness around NASH and NAFLD by providing information and background on the many aspects of these conditions including disease state, prevalence, risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment.
The Nash Education Program (1)

Surfing the NASH Tsunami Podcast: Driving The Discussion In Fatty Liver Disease

In this weekly podcast, drug developers, investors, researchers, and corporate executives wrestle to understand what is happening in the commercial development of NASH medications. Roger Green, MBA, hosts the podcast and GLI’s Donna Cryer, JD, is frequently featured as a guest speaker.
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