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Global Liver Institute Supports the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee’s Markup of Legislation to Expand Obesity Care Coverage

Global Liver Institute strongly supports the amendment to be considered in the House Ways and Means Committee today to extend coverage for obesity care. GLI understands that the amendment to be marked up will be limited in scope and views even small steps forward as progress. As members of the Obesity Care Action Network (OCAN), GLI has supported their efforts to work with the committee on the legislation to extend coverage as broadly as possible. GLI supports the amendment and views any expansion of coverage to be a victory for the patients we serve. We are grateful to learn the committee intends to move the ball forward. 

It is important to recognize and address that obesity is a top risk factor for fatty liver disease, including NASH also known as MASH, which affects more than 148 million people and continues to become more prevalent each year. Research has closely linked the presence of NASH/MASH to metabolic comorbidities such as obesity and diabetes. With the expectation that 1 in 4 individuals will be obese by 2035, it is crucial that we utilize unbiased and science-based approaches to both NASH/MASH and obesity care. Therefore, GLI stands alongside the obesity advocacy community in recognizing obesity as a serious and complex condition that is a risk factor for developing fatty liver disease and support early interventions to treat it as a means of preventing burdensome and costly co-existing conditions. 

We urge liver health advocates to join us in supporting the amendment to be marked up today, a move that will encourage action in the Senate and increase the likelihood of Congress expanding coverage this year. Please review the letter that we sent today to Chairman Smith and Ranking Member Neal, here

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