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Rare Liver Diseases Month Overview

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The #RareAware Advocate Toolkit this year was designed to empower individuals in sharing patient stories throughout Rare Liver Disease Month and beyond. Together, we made a difference by raising awareness, fostering connections, and driving meaningful change in rare liver diseases found in maternal, neonatal, and pediatric health. 

Share Your Story

Use the power of your personal story as a catalyst for change. Continue to share your experience with rare liver diseases with our team for the opportunity to be featured in our newsletter, on our website, and more.

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Share Your Story

Be #RareAware on Social Media

Follow GLI on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and view these stories by using #RareAware on all our platforms! 

Sample Posts:

  • February is Rare Liver Diseases Month. Use the hashtag #RareAware to spread awareness of rare liver diseases. Learn more here: (link to website).
  • I am #RareAware because [connection to rare liver diseases] @globalliver
  • There are over 100 rare liver diseases, but many of them are unknown. #RareAware
  • A #rareliverdisease is a #liver disease that affects a small portion of the population. #RareAware
  • Rare diseases affect over 300 million people worldwide. #RareAware
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Right click on the image to save it. Add your organization logo, post it on social, and don’t forget to tag us and use the #RareAware hashtag.

We are proud to support Global Liver Institute’s Rare Liver Diseases Month campaign, #RareAware which aims to raise awareness on the different types of rare liver diseases particularly those affected children and pregnant women.



Post a Selfie

A picture is worth a thousand words. Download one of GLI’s #RareAware signs and post a picture of yourself with it; or get creative and make your own sign to use in a selfie! Tag us on social media and use the hashtag #RareAware 

Print, snap a photo, tag, and post!

I am #RareAware [PDF]


Print and fill in the blank space with a short statement about what makes you rare! Then, snap a photo, tag, and post!

I am #RareAware because… [PDF]

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Become a Liver Health Advocate

Register for GLI’s Advanced Advocacy Academy (A3)

GLI’s Advanced Advocacy Academy (A3) Symposium, a training program held annually in September, connects liver patients, caregivers, and family members with the information, skills, and opportunities that they need to effectively advocate for liver health across the health ecosystem.

Tune in to GLI LIVE

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Over a billion and a half people around the world are currently living with liver disease – and that number continues to rise each day. Liver disease poses a big global threat, which means there are big conversations to be had. Every Wednesday, we sit down with experts from policymakers to patient advocates to clinicians to research executives and more to have high-level conversations about the policies, people, and global forces that affect the patients with liver disease and their families.

Throughout the month of February, GLI LIVE episodes highlighted rare liver diseases.