(Washington. D.C., Thursday, June 10, 2021)—Global Liver Institute (GLI), the worldwide leader in liver health advocacy, is pleased to announce a partnership with NutriStyle Inc. to offer NutriStyle’s personalized nutrition app to people living with liver disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions or who want to maintain good liver health.

Diet has a tremendous effect on overall health. Eating healthier, more nutritious foods can help people with chronic conditions such as fatty liver disease or its more advanced form, NASH (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis). One in four people worldwide have some form of fatty liver disease, with millions worldwide living with NASH.  One U.S. study found that Hispanics and patients with diabetes are at greatest risk for both fatty liver disease and NASH. A nutritious diet can help prevent liver disease and diabetes, its close associate.

The NutriStyle app will create personalized meal plans to meet the specific requirements set out by GLI nutritional advisors for people with NASH or general interest in liver health.

“The number one question we get from our patients and families with NASH and other liver conditions is, ‘What should I eat?’ GLI is an organization built to identify and solve patient problems, so finding a partner like NutriStyle whose innovative platform has the functionality and flexibility to best meet the needs of those we serve was essential,” said Donna Cryer, J.D., GLI president and CEO. “The ability to create specific meal plans for people,  even those with concurrent diseases or seemingly conflicting diet plans, taking into account evidence-based nutritional recommendations and standards, as well as allowing individuals to make substitutions based on personal and cultural preferences, is unique.”

The GLI version of the platform is being officially launched in conjunction with International NASH Day today and the day’s culinary event featuring Chef Daniel Thomas. GLI will continue to offer the platform on an ongoing basis to interested patients with NASH, diabetes, and other health conditions and key partners, recognizing that preventing liver disease, reversing early stage disease, and complementing medical interventions are needed every day, not just on International NASH Day.

Todd Albro, CEO of NutriStyle, said, “We are thrilled to be launching the platform with GLI and its partners.  We believe in GLI’s mission, and we’re confident people who consistently utilize the NutriStyle platform to eat healthier will improve their overall health.”

For more about the GLI Nutrition Platform powered by NutriStyle, go to https://nutristyle.com/global-liver-institute/.

About Global Liver Institute

Global Liver Institute (GLI) was built to solve the problems that matter to liver patients, equipping advocates to improve the lives of individuals and families impacted by liver disease. GLI promotes innovation, encourages collaboration, and supports the scaling of optimal approaches to help eradicate liver diseases. GLI believes liver health must take its place on the global public health agenda commensurate with the prevalence and impact of liver illness. GLI is the only patient-created, patient-driven nonprofit organization tackling liver health and all liver disease holistically, operating globally. Follow GLI on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

About NutriStyle Inc.

NutriStyle’s innovative technology is the first clinical-grade software to close the loop between consumers, health care pros and the local grocers. We’re taking the confusion out of eating healthier by simplifying the process and making it easier for consumers to make healthier choices for themselves and their families. Whether managing a chronic health condition such as diabetes, trying to lose a few pounds or training for a marathon, NutriStyle is here to help. The NutriStyle platform uses AI and Machine Learning to create clinical-grade, nutritionally balanced, personalized meal plans that meet the specific needs of the user. Meal plans are translated into shopping lists from local food retailers and include discounts and coupons for budget minded shoppers.


For more information contact: Mark Lenss, CMO, NutriStyle Inc. mlenss@nutristyle.com