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Liver Cancers Council

With more than 60 members, GLI’s Liver Cancers Council brings together committed stakeholders across the liver cancer community to improve the liver cancer experience. The council is made up of advocacy partners, healthcare professionals, patients, survivors, partners and advocates.

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Our Goals


Increase the number of liver cancer patients diagnosed at an early stage


Support knowledge, choice, and access to appropriate treatment options


Reduce disparities in diagnosis and treatment access


Advance policy and advocacy to support research, access and information for those impacted by liver cancer



Launched in 2018, #OctoberIs4Livers is the first and only global campaign dedicated to public awareness, policy, education, and clinical practice needs to prevent and manage liver cancer. Designed to span the globe to improve health outcomes for liver cancer patients, the #OctoberIs4Livers campaign aims to rally stakeholders in creative and impactful ways to support the countless individuals who have heard the terrifying words “you have liver cancer.”

Learn more here.

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Liver Central

GLI, in partnership with TriSalus Life Sciences, launched Liver Central, a comprehensive site for all things liver cancer. This site provides patients, clinicians, and researchers a unique hub to find information on ongoing clinical trials, treatment options, and educational materials about the liver and liver cancers.


Whitepaper: Pivotal Trial Results Look to Shake Up HCC Treatment

In collaboration with MJH communications, Amit Mahipal and Dr. Richard Kim, MD, we published a paper addressing the recent clinical breakthroughs in treatment options for patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma in the OncLive editorial.

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Whitepaper: Achieving Health Equity in Liver Cancer

In collaboration with MJH communications and Dr. Lewis Roberts of Mayo Clinic, we published a health equity paper showcasing the global burden of liver cancer and the actions needed to reduce the stark disparity experienced among those of lower socioeconomic status.

NCCN 2023

NCCN Guidelines for Patients: Hepatobiliary Cancers

An essential element of patient empowerment is accessible, actionable, high-quality information. GLI is proud to work with NCCN to provide this information to support liver and bile duct cancer patients and their families in the hope that together we can make the cancer journey easier and more successful.

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One Liver to Love Campaign

In collaboration with Blue Faery Liver and Eisai, GLI launched the #OneLiverToLove campaign to provide educational resources and support services to the community living with liver cancer.

2022 March Donna And Chef Daniel Thomas

Fighting Liver Cancers with Food

The battle against liver cancer is tough, & it’s important to fuel your body for the hard work that it’s doing.

Watch now to learn how to Eat for Strength, Comfort, and Energy with GLI’s CEO, Donna Cryer and celebrity chef, Chef Daniel Thomas.


Global Liver Institute’s Liver Cancers Council brings together representatives from not-for-profit, for-profit, government agencies, and patient representatives capable of and committed to addressing the challenges and impact of liver cancers on individuals, communities, companies, and societies around the world.