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A3 2019

Mark your calendars: A3 “The Learning Experience” is September 30 – October 2, 2023!

Advanced Advocacy Academy (A3) is a year-round liver advocacy program for patients, caregivers, and other interested parties featuring training programs and advocacy opportunities, with the hallmark annual symposium providing comprehensive advocacy preparation each September.

Karen Hoyt

“Being in a room full of other people who felt a responsibility to use their experience with liver disease to encourage others was nothing short of amazing.”

Karen Hoyt

John M

“The thing that I got the most out of [the Advanced Advocacy Academy] is the networking with folks who are going through similar things…and then also picking up the practical skills like how to have successful meetings with with folks on Capitol Hill…how to use social media effectively as an advocate the importance of sharing your story… and it also gives us some opportunities to practice that which I thought was really nice.”

John M


“Many people believe that this could never happen to them, like I did. I want to be an advocate to ensure people know how to avoid liver disease and how to survive it. I’m not only surviving, I am thriving, and I want that for others too.”

Kim Martinez

“At A3, we were exposed to experts that I would have otherwise never come across.”

Darnella A

“I’ve learned the basics of liver disease and how to be a better advocate to support change. But most importantly I learned that I have a voice and that I can use it, that I can be that change.”

Debbie C


Should Apply?

If you are a liver patient, caregiver, family member, or a clinician searching for an opportunity to become an effective advocate through interactive lessons on how to share your story, understand recent research & development, how to properly use social media for your gain, and more, please apply below!

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Advanced Advocacy Academy Class of 2019