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#OctoberIs4Livers is the first and only global program dedicated to public awareness, policy, and clinical practice needs to prevent and manage liver cancer while educating and empowering those living with and impacted by liver cancer. Join us each October!

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October is Liver Cancer Awareness Month! Our #OctoberIs4Livers campaign, launched in 2018, is the first and only global campaign dedicated to public awareness, policy, education, and clinical practice needs to prevent and manage liver cancer. Across the globe, the #OctoberIs4Livers campaign aims to rally stakeholders in creative and impactful ways to support the countless individuals who have heard the terrifying words “you have liver cancer.”

The campaign has created a strong platform, bringing the liver cancer community—patients, survivors, caregivers, advocates, experts, and others—together to increase the global dialogue about liver cancers. We have something for everyone! You bring the passion, and we’ll give you the tools to change the world for liver cancer patients.

  1. Increase Liver Cancer Awareness: A series of roundtable discussions will dissect the barriers impeding the prevention and early detection of liver cancer, with a dedicated focus on addressing care hindrances. These discussions will address the critical significance of prevention, screening, and early diagnosis in combating liver cancer.
  2. Enhance Public Education: Develop educational resources tailored to our community, addressing hepatocellular carcinoma, cholangiocarcinoma, and liver cancer specifically within the LGBTQI+ demographic.
  3. Expand Global Advocacy: Collaborate with healthcare professionals and advocates on a global scale to organize Global Open House events. These localized educational initiatives aim to enhance public awareness and comprehension of liver diseases and liver cancer within diverse communities worldwide.

2023 Achievements

  • Hosted 3 Liver Cancer Lessons episodes, which showcased various experts of leading institutions who discussed a range of topics related to liver health
  • Collaborated with 5 medical sites in Cameroon, Egypt, India, Spain, and USA, to host Global Open Houses that aimed to increase liver health and liver cancer awareness and decrease stigma of liver diseases by inviting local residents to health facilities for an educational experience and interactive experience
  • Showcased 4 episodes of GLI LIVE, featuring experts in the field.
  • Translated Liver Cancer patient education material for at-risk communities into Somali and Arabic.

2023 Campaign Highlights

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Press Release

>3.505 Billion potential reach

816 full text placements

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Social Media Analytics

Impressions: 545,001

Reach: 226,761

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Liver Cancer Lessons

3 Key Conversations

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Global Open Houses

5 Countries

Limbe, Cameroon
Qena, Cairo, Alexandria, Egypt 
Bhubaneswar, India
Barcelona, Spain
California, USA

For more information, please contact the GLI Liver Cancers team at