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At GLI, we strive to keep you up to date and in-the-know with the latest in the field of liver cancers. Please take advantage of the following resources – and continue to share your updates with us as well!

New HCC Playbook Authored by Yale Hepatologists

HCC Playbook Yale

A recent review article from Yale hepatologists, led by Ariel Jaffe, MD, and Mario Strazzabosco, MD, PhD, highlights the importance of a team-based holistic approach to treating HCC and liver disease. Filling a crucial gap in hepatology literature, this new resource empowers hepatologists to confidently take an active role in the management of all parts of a patient’s HCC care. The review article offers a “playbook” for liver specialists, detailing comprehensive management strategies for HCC and emphasizing the importance of treating both the cancer and controlling underlying liver disease in order to preserve liver function. Additionally, the playbook details cancer prevention, covering the management of hepatitis B and C as well as risk factors such as alcohol use, obesity, and diabetes. Beyond prevention and management of HCC, the authors cover disease surveillance, transplant candidacy, longitudinal care following cancer treatment, and managing recurrence and decompensating events. Read more here.

Spread the Word to Attend HEPATIC Workshop Hosted by France Foundation


March 29, 2023 in San Diego, CA
May 1, 2023 in New York, NY
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Sarah Manes, GLI Liver Cancers Program Director, and Cindi Cantril, MPH, RN, will be speaking about the importance of patient and caregiver advocacy and the role of the nurse navigator within the multidisciplinary HCC care team at this workshop, hosted by France Foundation.

2023 HCC-TAG Conference

Ivy Ahmed, Eisai; Andrea Wilson Woods, Blue Faery; Sarah Manes, GLI
Zeena Chi, Genentech, Sarah Manes, GLI

Sarah Manes, GLI Liver Cancers Program Director, recently attended the 2023 HCC-TAG conference in Huntington Beach, CA on February 23-25. Engaging topics and informative sessions ranged from: Emerging Therapies Across Stages of HCC, Multidisciplinary Tumor Board, Multidisciplinary Expert Panels, Oral Abstracts and Debates, AASLD HCC Guideline Update, AI in the Diagnosis and Management of HCC, Palliative Care in HCC Management, Patient Journey and Caregiver Story, and more. Always special is meeting up with our GLI Liver Cancers Council members in person!

What Is the True Cost of Cancer?

A growing number of articles and research have been diving into the price of cancer and cancer related financial toxicity. The health and economic burdens of cancers are recognized as an urgent matter, as demonstrated by President Biden’s reignition of the Cancer Moonshot initiative. You will find below some of the most current news on cancer economics and financial toxicity: 

  • A JAMA Oncology study estimated the global economic cost of cancers from 2020-2050 to rise to around $25.2 trillion, and the researchers also identified the type of cancers that incurred the highest economic burden with lung cancer, colon/rectum cancer, breast cancers, liver cancer, and leukemia. 
  • The National Cancer Institute highlights important information on cancer related financial toxicity. We discussed this topic in a recent episode of #GLILIVE during #OctoberIs4Livers, in which GLI founder & CEO Donna Cryer, JD, interviewed Jada Desmarais, MBA, Senior Manager, Baker Newman Noyes to discuss cancer related financial toxicity and the true cost of cancer care.

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