(Washington, D.C., March 2, 2022) – Global Liver Institute (GLI) proudly announces the expansion of the Liver Action Network (LAN) to include a partnership with Empire Liver Foundation. Based in New York City, this transformative organization provides clinical training to healthcare professionals on how to screen and treat patients with Hepatitis B & C in a variety of clinical settings. “Empire Liver Foundation is honored to join the Liver Action Network. Our missions are aligned to improve the lives of individuals impacted by liver disease through education and awareness. We look forward to collaborating together through our shared expertise and resources.” said Douglas Dieterich, M.D., President of Empire Liver Foundation. The impact of this addition is significant as New York City is now represented within the LAN, allowing for greater opportunity in actively shaping liver policy in the United States’ most populated city.

Empire Liver Foundation was established by some of the most prominent liver specialists in the world, including Dr. Hillel Tobias, who served as founding board member to GLI as well as Board Chair. GLI looks forward to continuing collaborations with Dr. Tobias through Empire Liver  Foundation. “This partnership with Empire Liver Foundation will be instrumental in reaching the greater New York area and underscores the power that providers, patient advocates, and advocacy organizations have when collaborating together to shape policy across the entire liver disease community,” said Donna Cryer, J.D., GLI President and CEO.

In 2020, GLI launched the LAN to meet the needs of a rapidly growing cadre of liver health advocates, capitalize on the eagerness of the liver community to be active, and address the needs/opportunities of the community. Since then, the LAN has grown to consist of 12 community liver advocacy organizations, representing over 40 U.S. states and 2 countries. We are pleased to welcome Empire Liver Foundation as the 12th organization to join this rapidly growing network capable of making a worldwide mark on liver disease advocacy. “This addition to the LAN strengthens our current reach and scope within the United States and Canada by corralling community based liver organizations at the local level.” said Scott Suckow, LAN Chairperson.

We look forward to continued growth of the LAN in 2022 with goals to have representation in every state in the US as well as growing the network’s global footprint outside of the US to ensure that advocates all over the world have the opportunity to advance liver policy. To learn more about the LAN, or to join please visit https://globalliver.salsalabs.org/signuptoday/index.html.

About Global Liver Institute

Global Liver Institute (GLI) was built to solve the problems that matter to liver patients, equipping advocates to improve the lives of individuals and families impacted by liver disease. GLI promotes innovation, encourages collaboration, and supports the scaling of optimal approaches to help eradicate liver diseases. GLI believes liver health must take its place on the global public health agenda commensurate with the prevalence and impact of liver illness. GLI is the only patient-created, patient-driven nonprofit liver health organization operating globally. Follow GLI on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

About Liver Action Network 

The organizational members include: Global Liver Institute, Fatty Liver Alliance, NASH kNOWledge, Texas Liver Foundation, Northeast Ohio Liver Alliance, Mid South Liver Alliance, Fatty Liver Foundation, Community Liver Alliance, Liver Health Foundation, Liver Coalition of San Diego, HepCURE, and Empire Liver Foundation.

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