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Leadership In Liver Health Luncheon

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Thank you for your commitment to joining our global movement to shift the dialogue about liver cancer and create a path towards equity.

This #OctoberIs4Livers Patient Tell Your Story Toolkit will provide you, and other liver advocates worldwide, with the necessary tools to engage in meaningful discussions about liver cancer and provide evidence based information and resources about liver cancer. With GLI’s goal to double the 5-year survival rate and create a path to equity in liver cancers, this year’s messages are tailored to highlight the disparities that many vulnerable populations face in liver cancer—one of the few cancers with increasing incidence and mortality rates. Therefore to empower at-risk groups, this toolkit will stimulate discussions surrounding equity, access to care, addressing disparities, and advocacy.

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Become a Liver Health Advocate

Register for GLI’s Advanced Advocacy Academy (A3)

GLI’s Advanced Advocacy Academy (A3), a training program held annually in September, connects liver patients, caregivers, and family members with the information, skills, and opportunities that they need to effectively advocate for liver health across the health ecosystem.

Tune In to GLI LIVE

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Launched as part of our COVID-19 response, GLI LIVE features GLI’s President & CEO, Donna Cryer, in weekly conversations with guests on Wednesdays at noon ET. Throughout the month of February, GLI LIVE episodes highlighted rare liver diseases.

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GLI, in partnership with TriSalus Life Sciences, launched Liver Central, a comprehensive site for all things liver cancer. This site provides patients, clinicians, and researchers a unique hub to find information on ongoing clinical trials, treatment options, and educational materials about the liver and liver cancers.

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As a patient-driven organization, Global Liver Institute would like to feature stories and insight from patients in our materials, such as newsletters, our website, and other resources. We value your privacy and will share only as much information you feel comfortable with. Email for more information or to share your story via email instead.