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June 13 is Global Fatty Liver Day

June 13 marks Global Fatty Liver Day, and the time to act is NOW! With conditions like obesity and diabetes increasing the risk for fatty liver disease, early screening is crucial to prevent serious complications like cirrhosis and liver cancer. By prioritizing early detection, we can ensure a healthier tomorrow.

Whether you’re hosting a screening, educational session, or fitness event, or simply attending one, we encourage everyone to join the awareness. Post a photo pointing to your watch or clock to emphasize the urgency—get screened and live healthier. Share your photos using our hashtag #ActNowScreenToday! Let’s take action today for a healthier future!

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Previewing Global Fatty Liver Day 2024 with MASH Patient Advocates

The build-up to Global Fatty Liver Day 2024 began with a special episode of MASH Tsunami featuring our VP of Liver Health Programs, Jeff McIntyre, alongside Roger Green, Louise Campbell, and Michael Betel. The discussion touched on the global state of fatty liver disease, patient access, and the importance of diagnostics, reflecting on this year’s theme: “Act Now, Screen Today.”

S5 E13 Global Fatty Liver Day 2024


Introducing the NASH Patient Assistance Fund: Apply Today!

The Assistance Fund is currently accepting applications for their new NASH Financial Assistance Program! The program provides financial assistance for prescription drug assistance (copays, deductibles, and coinsurance) on FDA-approved treatment, health insurance premiums, therapy administration costs, and treatment-related ground travel costs. Eligibility information is available on the program website (linked above) and applications can be submitted here!



Liver-on-a-Chip: A Solution for Preventing Global Healthcare Crisis?

Obesity has become a global issue, significantly increasing the risk of metabolic-dysfunction associated steatotic liver disease (MASLD), also known as NAFLD. Dr. Michele Vacca’s research at the University of Cambridge focuses on understanding and targeting inflammation in MASLD’s progression to MASH (also known as NASH), highlighting BMP8B as a potential therapeutic target.


NAFLD in Shift Workers

A study of rotating shift workers revealed that 76.1% had NAFLD, but there was no significant impact on their motor and sensory nerve function. This highlights the high prevalence of NAFLD in shift workers without apparent nerve function impairment.


Obesity and MASLD: Is weight loss the (only) key to treat metabolic liver disease?

Lifestyle changes and bariatric surgery can help manage MASLD, but both have their challenges. New medications like resmetirom show promise by targeting both liver and metabolic issues, offering a more comprehensive treatment approach.


Upcoming Events

    We’re excited to announce that the GLI team will be present at these upcoming conferences:

    If you’re attending either of these conferences and would like to meet with us, please reach out to info@globalliver.org to schedule a meeting. We look forward to connecting with you!