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Celebrating Progress and Anticipating Success in 2024

As 2023 comes to a close, we extend our appreciation to each of you for following our monthly NASH News updates, supporting GLI’s work, and your steadfast dedication to advancing liver health. While we celebrate this year’s accomplishments, there’s more work ahead, and we eagerly anticipate another successful year in 2024.


Global Liver Institute announces a partnership with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs 

Nearly a third of U.S. Veterans are at-risk or are currently living with liver disease – and many are undiagnosed. 

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“GLI believes in equitable access to information, support, and care for liver health for all — especially our nation’s Veterans,” said Chief Operating Officer at the Global Liver Institute Larry Holden. “By partnering with VA, we have a tremendous opportunity to expand liver health education, connections, and opportunities for Veterans and their providers.” 

Check out our newly launched webpage for more information.


Experiences and unmet needs in NASH: Insights from patients and patient caregivers

Jeff McIntyre, VP of Liver Health Programs, presented a poster at The Liver Meeting® in Boston, sharing insights from a forthcoming journal article on NASH patient and caregiver experiences. The research, co-authored with various contributors and supported by Boehringer Ingelheim and OPEN Health, revealed diverse NASH diagnoses among patients, a willingness to adopt lifestyle changes, and a significant demand for clearer, reliable information sources to address the substantial unmet needs in disease education and management.

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Madrigal’s Number One Liver Fan Patient Service Announcement

NASH/MASH, the leading cause of liver transplants in American women, is anticipated to become the primary cause in men too. Global Liver Institute proudly participated in the launch and collaborated with Madrigal Pharmaceuticals on an educational campaign about NASH/MASH. Watch the brief video introducing Olivia, her liver’s #1 fan, and learn more about fatty liver disease.

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VCU Liver Institute’s Dr. Arun Sanyal Ranks No. 2 Globally in Liver Disease Study

Arun Sanyal
Global Liver Institute is proud to highlight the groundbreaking work of Dr. Arun Sanyal, Director of the Stravitz-Sanyal Institute for Liver Disease and Metabolic Health at VCU School of Medicine. As the world’s No. 2 specialist in liver diseases in three categories, including fatty liver disease, Dr. Sanyal’s contributions, spanning over 1,000 publications and 104,500 citations, have significantly influenced global medical practices. Dr. Sanyal’s research efforts have shaped the practice of medicine and care of liver diseases worldwide, improving the health of several hundred million individuals. GLI is proud of our partnership with Dr. Sanyal and looks forward to seeing more impactful research and transformative advancements in the field.


FNIH Study in Radiology Reveals MRI’s Potential for Liver Disease Measurement

The Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) reports promising findings from a study assessing the potential of noninvasive MRI biomarkers to measure liver fat, fibrosis, and body

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composition in individuals at risk for NASH/MASH. The results suggest that, with further validation, these MRI biomarkers could be qualified by the FDA for use in clinical trials, offering a more accessible and flexible approach to diagnosis and monitoring of NASH/MASH.


Diabetes Linked to Liver Function Decline and Higher Cancer Risk in people with NAFLD

The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology reports that individuals with both NAFLD and type 2 diabetes have a significantly higher risk of liver failure and liver cancer. The study underscores the need for closer monitoring and early intervention in individuals with diabetes, emphasizing lifestyle management and other interventions to mitigate the increasing burden of NAFLD-related complications.


Upcoming Events

NASH COUNCIL 300x300Join us at our upcoming NASH Council Meeting on December 14th! We’re thrilled to host a special guest, Dr. Frank Anania, Acting Director of the Division of Hepatology and Nutrition at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. For meeting details, contact

To learn more about the NASH Council or become a member, please visit or email


Global Fatty Liver Day

Global Fatty Liver Day - 2024 Save The Date Banner

Formerly known as International NASH Day

A heartfelt thank you to all who made International NASH Day 2023 a resounding success! We look forward to our collective achievements in 2024. Partner applications are now open! Learn more about how you can be part of Global Fatty Liver Day 2024.