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International NASH Day was a success!

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The 6th International NASH Day was a resounding global success, with over 100 partners from 55 countries participating. Our hashtag #NASHDay reached over 10 million impressions and engaged with millions of unique social media accounts. Additionally, our media advisories and news releases reached thousands of journalists worldwide, potentially reaching billions of people. NASH Day 2023 received endorsements from 30 medical specialty societies across the globe, including research institutions, community organizations, and medical centers. Thank you to all our partners, endorsers, and sponsors who chose to Step Up For NASH and helped make the 6th Annual International NASH Day possible.


GLI Addresses Need for NAFLD/NASH Nomenclature Implementation Plan

GLI has initiated efforts to assist the healthcare community in planning for the implementation of the recent change in nomenclature for NAFLD, announced at the International Liver Congress. GLI will continue to use the terms NAFLD and NASH until September 5, 2023 at the earliest, when we will announce a comprehensive transition plan in consultation with stakeholders and experts in various fields, affecting program names, educational materials, media resources, websites, and more. Input and questions can be directed to

Lived Experiences – Challenges on the Ground & Patient Perspectives


In a thought-provoking presentation held at this year’s EASL Congress in Vienna, Austria, Jeff McIntyre, VP of Liver Health Programs at GLI, contributed valuable insights on the topic of steering blame away from patients and individuals towards systemic policies that reinforce and encourage unhealthy behaviors. Collaborating with fellow experts, Jeff shed light on the actions necessary to address this issue. By emphasizing the need to redirect responsibility from individuals to the underlying systemic factors, the panel explored crucial steps for creating a healthier society.

American Diabetes Association Releases a Guideline Update in NAFLD and Diabetes


The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has published updated guidelines in the Standards of Care in Diabetes—2023, highlighting the detection and management recommendations for NAFLD/NASH in individuals with diabetes. The guidelines emphasize the significant impact of liver disease on people with type 2 diabetes, its association with serious complications, and the importance of early detection and appropriate management. These updates aim to provide healthcare professionals with the most current information to effectively address the connection between diabetes and liver disease.


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