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The U.S. FDA approves Madrigal Pharmaceuticals Rezdiffra™ (resmetirom) as the FIRST NASH therapeutic option in the U.S. 

This breakthrough follows years of NASH patient-led multi-stakeholder advocacy and partnership with researchers in drug development. The hope of the NASH and larger liver health community is that this successful approval and the robust and diverse pipeline of therapies to follow will open up a new era of care options for people living with fatty liver disease.


GLI LIVE: Navigating the FDA Decision on Resmetirom: The Road Ahead

GLI founder and CEO Donna Cryer hosted a special episode of GLI LIVE discussing the significance of the FDA’s breakthrough NASH treatment decision in the US and the future ahead, featuring experts Dr. Janese Laster, Dr. Amreen Dinani, and Louise Campbell. 

Missed it? Watch it now.

GLI LIVE 3.15.24


Study Reveals Low-Dose Aspirin to Reduce Hepatic Fat in Patients with MASLD

A preliminary study investigated the effect of daily, low-dose aspirin on hepatic fat reduction in patients with MASLD (metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic liver disease). Results showed that aspirin significantly reduced liver fat content compared to placebo over 6 months. While promising, further research with a larger sample size is required to confirm and better understand these findings.


Surfing MASH: Initial Reactions and Ongoing Staging and Screening

Key opinion leaders from Europe and the US, including GLI’s VP of Liver Health Programs, Jeff McIntyre, discussed their reactions to FDA’s approval of the first NASH drug, describing it as a “watershed moment” for hepatology.

In a follow-up episode, the conversation explored the significance of non-invasive tests in identifying patients who qualify for use of Rezdiffra, with McIntyre emphasizing the pivotal role of patients in healthcare decisions and the importance of ongoing education and advocacy.

S5 E6 3 Rezdiffra NITs


Metabolic Dysfunction-Associated Steatotic Liver Disease and Metabolic Dysfunction-Associated Steatohepatitis: The Patient and Physician Perspective

GLI’s CEO, Donna R. Cryer, alongside patients and providers, coauthored a comprehensive review emphasizing the challenges in diagnosing and managing MASLD in primary care, highlighting the critical need for prompt diagnosis and management to prevent disease progression. The piece underscores the importance of raising awareness and understanding of MASLD among both patients and physicians, with a particular focus on incorporating patient perspectives and reported outcomes into disease management.


Global Fatty Liver Day: Act Now, Screen Today!

Global Fatty Liver Day is on June 13!

Fatty liver disease is a widespread issue that often goes undetected until it’s too late. It impacts millions worldwide, which leads to missed opportunities for early intervention and prevention. Studies highlight a concerning shortcoming in identifying at-risk patients within the healthcare system who may have fatty liver disease unknowingly. We cannot afford to overlook the silent nature of this liver disease, which is why we are advocating for immediate action. 

We are excited to announce the theme for Global Fatty Liver Day: Act Now, Screen Today! This will be a two-year theme.

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Concurrent health conditions like obesity, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome elevate the risk for fatty liver disease, so  targeted screening efforts are key. By promoting screening and early detection, we raise awareness and empower individuals to prioritize their liver health, thus preventing complications like cirrhosis and liver cancer. Early identification enables timely intervention and appropriate management, which may reduce the need for liver transplants in the future.

Learn more about how you can be part of Global Fatty Liver Day 2024.