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Global Liver Institute Announces New Leadership of the Liver Action Network

Washington, DC – December 5, 2022 – In 2021, Global Liver Institute (GLI) launched the Liver Action Network (LAN) to better synchronize engagement across the liver advocacy community and to meet the needs of a rapidly growing cadre of liver health advocates. The LAN operates as a first-of-its-kind network that provides community member organizations a central structure for the formulation of collective health policy and programmatic solutions. 

Today, GLI is proud to announce that Michael Betel of the Fatty Liver Alliance is appointed to be the LAN Chair for 2023. Michael has extensive experience in patient advocacy, strategic alliance development, and business leadership in various areas in health care. As the new LAN Chair, Michael will work with GLI to ensure the LAN continues to grow and improve the lives of people impacted by liver disease in the US and Canada. He will succeed the current LAN Chair, Scott Suckow. GLI thanks Scott for his past and ongoing service to the LAN.

“International collaboration and synergies between grassroots, community based organizations, all focused on advancing liver patient care is what the LAN is all about,” Michael shared. “I am so proud to be the Chair of this group of passionate, caring and committed community leaders.”

GLI looks forward to continuing to facilitate a group capable of making groundbreaking liver health changes globally. To learn more about the Liver Action Network or to join, please visit

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