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GLI VP Raises NASH Awareness Among Health Care Community

Jeff McIntyre, VP of Liver Health Programs at GLI, emphasized the importance of understanding NASH and its global impact during the AMCP Nexus session Navigating NASH: A Discussion on Clinical Background, Patient Advocacy, and Managed Care Considerations.” McIntyre emphasizes how crucial it is to bridge the knowledge gap about NASH within the healthcare community, especially among managed care professionals, given the disparity between liver disease prevalence and public awareness. Early screening and ongoing lifestyle modifications are key and must be built into standard patient care pathways and support.

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Healthcare Professionals Call for Immediate Response to the Severity of Fatty Liver Disease in the Philippines

As noted in GLI’s Global State of Liver Health report, one out of four people globally is impacted by NAFLD, with approximately 16,500 individuals in the Philippines succumbing to liver disease complications each year. Medical experts from the nation recently highlighted the importance of proactive self-care and holistic well-being to combat NAFLD’s impact, urging individuals to prioritize liver health and take preventive measures against the disease.

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Meet Olivia, Her Liver’s #1 Fan

Madrigal Pharmaceuticals launched their “Be Your Liver’s #1 Fan” video campaign with the first of a series patient service announcements to raise awareness about liver health. In Meet Olivia, Her Liver’s #1 Fan, the lighthearted yet informative approach underscores the seriousness of fatty liver disease, promotes early detection, and encourages viewers to engage in conversations about liver health.

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Fatty Liver Disease More Fatal for Women

A recent study in the Journal of Hepatology found that fatty liver disease (otherwise known as steatotic liver disease), is more fatal for women than for men even though men are more likely to develop it. This finding held true both for alcohol-associated fatty liver disease and when alcohol was not involved. Fatty liver must be detected early and addressed as soon as possible – even among populations who are less likely to develop it – in order to achieve equitable health outcomes.


Global Fatty Liver Day – 5 months to go!! 🥳

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Formerly known as International NASH Day

Fatty liver disease often lurks undetected, impacting millions worldwide and serving as a significant risk factor for concurrent conditions. Left unchecked, it may progress to severe complications, including cirrhosis, liver cancer, and the need for a liver transplant.

Your involvement matters. The support from our partners is instrumental in the success of our campaign, and we invite you to stand with patients, advocate for early detection, and passionately champion the movement. By becoming an official partner, you’ll join a global network committed to making a positive impact.

Join us for Global Fatty Liver Day 2024 and visit our Partner Application page.