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Madrigal Pharmaceuticals Announces EMA Validation of its Marketing Authorization Application for Resmetirom for the Treatment of NASH/MASH with Liver Fibrosis

Madrigal Pharmaceuticals celebrates EMA’s validation of the Marketing Authorization Application for Resmetirom, a potential breakthrough therapy for NASH/MASH with liver fibrosis, while eagerly awaiting FDA’s decision, marking significant progress in the fight against liver-related mortality in Europe.



MASLD Patient Advocates Plan MASH Activities For 2024 – NASH News

On a recent episode of Surfing MASH, leading patient advocates, including Tony Villiotti (NASH kNOWledge), Wayne Eskridge (Fatty Liver Foundation), Jeff McIntyre (Global Liver Institute), and Milan Mishkevikj (European Liver Patients Association), discussed their plans and actions for MASH patients in 2024, covering topics from personal anecdotes to post-approval planning and advocacy programs.

S5 E02 MASLD Patient Advocates


AMWA’s Cardiometabolic Health and Obesity in Women Summit

On February 29, Director of Communications, Christine Maalouf, participated in the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) stakeholder summit – Cardiometabolic Disease and Obesity in Women at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Throughout the day, many themes emerged, including the relationship between obesity and other chronic diseases, the additional burdens related to obesity (like bias, blame, and body image), and key opportunities for change, including the recently introduced Treat and Reduce Obesity act and the EveryBODY Covered campaign.

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With Elizabeth Garner, MD, MPH; President of AMWA

With Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks (Iowa 1st District)


Global Fatty Liver Day is 3 months away!

Global Fatty Liver Day - 2024 Save The Date Banner

Formerly known as International NASH Day

We are excited to announce the theme for Global Fatty Liver Day 2024: Screen Today, Act Now! 

Join our global campaign against undetected fatty liver disease. Your support is crucial to our mission, advocating for early detection and standing with patients worldwide. Become an official partner and contribute to a positive impact on a global scale


A collaborative resource for early detection in primary care

Global Liver Institute partnered with PRIME INC. to create a resource for primary care providers on early detection and intervention for fatty liver disease, addressing diagnostic delays and highlighting the crucial role of endocrinology and primary care teams. The accompanying video offers practical insights from expert faculty and GLI Patient Ambassadors to empower healthcare professionals. 

This activity is designated for 0.5 contact hour by PRIME®.



The liver and its vital connection to our overall health

Discover the intricate link between heart, liver, and kidney health in the cardiovascular, renal, and metabolic (CRM) system, shedding light on the critical role of the liver as a metabolic powerhouse, underlining the necessity of managing these interconnected conditions for optimal health outcomes.



Liver disease MASH is next target for obesity drugs in development

Drugmakers are not only vying for a share in the obesity drug market but are also competing based on their products’ potential to treat metabolic dysfunction-associated steatohepatitis (MASH), as indicated by the latest update from the STAT Obesity Drug Tracker.


Uncovering NAFLD risk in non-obese schizophrenia patients 

A recent study conducted in a large public hospital in China sheds light on the prevalence and risk factors of NAFLD among non-obese patients with schizophrenia. Findings reveal a significant association between NAFLD and factors such as age, diabetes, BMI, ALT, and TG, while higher levels of HDL-C appear to be protective against NAFLD in this population. Notably, the prevalence of NAFLD among non-obese schizophrenia patients is higher than previously reported, underscoring the importance of increased awareness and screening for NAFLD in this vulnerable group.


Upcoming Events

  • March 15 at 12PM ET – GLI LIVE Special Edition: Navigating the FDA Decision on Resmetirom: The Road Ahead, live on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube
  • April 4-6: Liver ConnectScottsdale, AZ
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  • May 27: Together for Better Liver Health: Amplifying Best Practices Globally, a policy event – Geneva, Switzerland