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Global Fatty Liver Day

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Global Fatty Liver Day, formerly known as International NASH Day, is a public education campaign that was inaugurated in June 2018 to enhance awareness and emphasize the pressing nature of fatty liver disease, particularly its advanced stages. 

By adopting a patient-centered approach, Global Fatty Liver Day highlights the disease’s severe, advancing impact, empowering patients and caregivers to take action to maximize their liver health. 

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Rising Cases of Fatty Liver Disease in Children: Understanding the Growing Concern

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GLI’s VP of Liver Health Programs, Jeff McIntyre, collaborated with the Washington Post, resulting in a thought-provoking article titled “Fatty Liver Was a Disease of the Old. Then Kids Started Getting Sick.” The piece delves into the evolving landscape of fatty liver disease, addressing its impact on younger populations, diagnostic challenges, treatment implications, and changing perspectives on health and nutrition.


Pharmacists Can Optimize Treatment for Patients with NASH, Decreasing Economic Burden


During an interview with Pharmacy Times at AMCP Nexus 2023, Jeff Mclntyre, VP of Liver Health Programs at Global Liver Institute, emphasized the critical clinical and economic burden of NASH. He underscored the role of pharmacists in early detection, comprehensive treatment planning, and advocating for accessible care, especially for underserved populations.


NASH Cirrhosis Patients Face Lower Liver Transplant Chances

Journal Of Hepatology

A recent study from Singapore found that people waiting for liver transplants due to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NASH) have a lower chance of getting a new liver and a higher risk of dying while on the waiting list compared to those with other types of liver disease. The study also showed that a particular substance in the blood, called serum creatinine, played a significant role in predicting the need for a transplant in NASH patients.


Low Birthweight tied to Early-Onset Fatty Liver Disease: An Equity Concern

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A Swedish study has found that babies with low birth weight (LBW) have a fourfold increased relative risk for fatty liver disease at an early age and a sixfold increase for liver fibrosis and cirrhosis early in life. LBW is a greater issue in communities with low socioeconomic status – meaning there is yet another inequitable outcome for vulnerable communities. Early diagnosis of fatty liver is essential so that advanced chronic disease does not develop – and should be implemented in communities with a high prevalence of LBW.


MOSAIC – A Global NASH Trialists Think Tank

Jeff Standing

GLI’s VP of Liver Health Programs, Jeff McIntyre, participated in the MOSAIC forum on Oct 19-20, contributing patient perspectives to the debate on the significance of non-invasive diagnostics in MASLD/MASH trials.

The first session McIntyre presented “Non-invasive Non-liver Evaluations in MASLD/MASH Trials. ‘Must Have’ vs ‘Good to Have,’  focused on the potential for combining diagnostics for possible co-occurring disorders during MASLD/MASH trials.

The second session,“ What Should Be the Target Patient Population for a Combined MASLD/MASH/Cardiometabolic Trial?” focused on determining priority relationships between the liver and other cardiometabolic disorders that could be evaluated during clinical trials.

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