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Published: November 01, 2023

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OI4L LogoThank you for joining this year’s #OctoberIs4Livers campaign to recognize Liver Cancer Awareness Month! From open houses around the world 🗺️ to insightful conversations and vibrant interaction online, we raised awareness of liver cancer. Check out anything you’ve missed:

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Cancer Moonshot Grant Awarded for Liver Cancer Research

Dr. Hien Dang and her team at Thomas Jefferson University have received a $1.3 million grant from President Biden’s Cancer Moonshot initiative to pursue a novel liver cancer treatment. The grant will support the development of a protein and microbubble delivery system administered to the liver through an IV. The protein in development has the ability to target many cancer cells and may be a breakthrough in liver cancer treatment.


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Prospects For Liver Cancer Survival

Dr. Niyi Olarewaju, a researcher from Owo, Nigeria, is making large strides in liver cancer research. During his PhD, Dr. Olarewaju identified a unique mRNA that is targeted by one microRNAs. As Dr. Olarewaju explains, the microRNA that he identified has the potential to bind to the mRNA whose role is to encode for tumor suppressor proteins. The binding of the microRNA to the mRNA then causes cells to grow uncontrolled, leading to cancer. Although Dr. Olarewaju’s research is still in the testing phase, it promises a positive outlook for understanding liver cancer. Read more.


Dr Niyi Olarewaju


Bringing a resilient spirit and collective drive to give patients more hope

Exelixis has recently launched a video series that highlights the stories of individuals affected by the cancers they treat. The series includes insights from Physician Assistant Nakia Brooks, who offers a provider’s viewpoint on caring for patients with advanced liver cancer. The videos cover various subjects, including the challenges of diagnosis, the multidisciplinary approach to liver cancer care, the emotional toll of caring for cancer patients, and the importance of celebrating victories throughout the journey.


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CAR T-cell Therapy Patients Still Tumor-Free after Seven Years

In May of 2015, Renji Hospital in Shanghai collaborated with CARgen Therapeutics to develop the first clinical study with CAR T-cell therapy, which targets the glypian-3 protein in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma. When the study began, two patients with advanced liver cancer were given a combination of local and CAR T-cell therapies. Recently, the two participants returned to Renji Hospital for a follow-up examination and were found to have no tumors present, marking seven years that both patients have been liver cancer free.


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