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Leadership In Liver Health Luncheon

Liver Cancer Around the World

Click on a pin on the map to see 5-year survival rate, Deaths per 100,000, Incidence per 100,000, Prevalence, and Years of Life Lost for that location.

WHO, 2020

Data compiled by Global Liver Institute from the Global Health Data Exchange of the University of Washington
GLI has taken publicly available data from across the globe to create the first ever Liver Cancer Map to showcase the global burden of liver cancer.



Liver Central

GLI, in partnership with TriSalus Life Sciences, launched Liver Central, a comprehensive site for all things liver cancer. This site provides patients, clinicians, and researchers a unique hub to find information on ongoing clinical trials, treatment options, and educational materials about the liver and liver cancers.

Liver Cancer Journeys 2023

Liver Cancer Journeys

For patients, a diagnosis of cancer of the liver or cancer of bile ducts (the tubes that carry bile around and outside the liver) brings a slew of appointments, decisions about treatments, and changes in lifestyle. To understand the true threat of liver cancer to society, we must understand the story of liver cancer. Thus, it is absolutely essential to hear the voices of liver cancer patients and their loved ones. They reflect, on a human level, the journey of liver cancer.

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Bosses Wear Burgundy

Check out our #BossesWearBurgundy Campaign!

To honor the millions of people worldwide living with liver disease, bosses wear burgundy.