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Patient Burnout

A recent article published by TIME magazine discusses how patient burnout is a result of the structure of the U.S. healthcare system. The main factors contributing to patient burnout include long wait times, short doctors appointments, financial barriers, and the insurance system. This includes the “patient administrative burden” which refers to managing administrative tasks, appointments, and paperwork. A study conducted in 2021 concluded that these administrative tasks create burdens, leading to delayed and/or foregone care. Nine times out of ten, the patients are typically blamed for burnout. The overall patient experience is not positive and can discourage patients from seeking the medical care they need.

AI and Liver Cancer

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise in healthcare. Recently, there have been two advancements in the cancer field with the use of AI. One is a new medical imaging platform called iBiopsy, where AI can detect information from imaging that typically cannot be seen from the human eye. With this technology, there could be earlier cancer diagnoses. In addition, AlphaFold, an AI-powered protein structure database, was used to develop a potential treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in just 30 days by University of Toronto researchers and Insilico Medicine. The AI system can also predict cancer survival rate from reading doctor’s notes. These are just a few of the amazing ways AI has been at the forefront of cancer research.

Reinventing Liver Cancer Education

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Liver Central was created by GLI to equip everyone affected by liver cancers. We know that learning, advocacy, and collaboration empower us to create change in the exam room, in the community, and beyond. Whether you are a new patient, an experienced patient, a caregiver or a physician, visit to engage and learn more!

Spread the Word to Attend the Final HEPATIC Workshop in New York City

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May 1, 2023 in New York, NY
Register for the Workshop

Sarah Manes, GLI Liver Cancers Program Director, and Cindi Cantril, MPH, RN, will be speaking about the importance of patient and caregiver advocacy and the role of the nurse navigator within the multidisciplinary HCC care team at this workshop, hosted by France Foundation. Please help spread the word for your New York contacts to attend this important training.

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