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Charting the Course of NASH

Tackling Fatty Liver Disease

NASH News - Tackling Fatty Liver Disease As the field of NASH is on the verge of clinical and diagnostic breakthroughs, discover how Global Liver Institute (GLI) is promoting healthier living through our personalized nutrition solution, as well as how we are...

GLI Leads Charge for Common-Sense Policies to Advance High Quality Care for Everyone

A Busy Fall of Legislative and Regulatory Activity

During the Congressional recess in August, GLI prepared for a busy fall. Congress returns in September to advance appropriations bills and debate key legislative priorities. The Administration will continue its work related to Medicare coverage policy, FDA...

Striving For a Better Future in Cancer

Advancements in the Liver Cancer Landscape

At GLI, we aim to keep you updated on the latest innovations and advancements in liver cancer. As we begin to approach Liver Cancer Awareness Month, take a look at our liver cancer resources that are available on our Liver Central website. #OctoberIs4Livers Liver...

Addressing Unmet Needs in Peds and Rare Liver Diseases

Addressing Unmet Needs in Peds and Rare Liver Diseases

Concerted efforts are driving positive change in the pediatric and rare liver disease community! Read on for details:  Insight on Unmet Needs in Primary Biliary Cholangitis In this Peer Exchange discussion on HCP Live, liver disease experts discussed the unmet needs...