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Pediatric & Rare Liver Diseases Overview

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Pediatric & Rare Liver Diseases Resources

Questions for New Medications

Whether you’re leaving the hospital, awaiting a liver transplant, becoming an adult, or moving care centers, changes in your health care can change your medication list. Knowing the details about your medications is crucial for managing liver disease. Keep these questions on hand so you are prepared to ask your doctor or pharmacist next time you start a new medication.

Questions To Ask2

Will Liver Disease Affect My Pregnancy?

Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP) or you’ve been living with a liver disease for a while now, be sure to ask your healthcare team the right questions. 

Will Liver Disease Affect My Pregnancy

Questions about Cholestatic Pruritus to Expect from Your Healthcare Provider

If you’ve developed cholestatic pruritus, there may be a series of questions your healthcare providers will ask you to ensure you receive the most appropriate care. Take a look to be sure you’re prepared for your next appointment!

Questions About Cholestatic Pruritus

Managing Your Cholestatic Pruritus

The itching from cholestatic pruritus can be a huge hurdle to your day-to-day comfort. Check out a few tips to help you manage the symptoms in your daily life.

Managing Your Cholestatic Pruritus